News and Upcoming Events

8:00 Dave Snellenberger Dave Hanger John Held
8:15 Dick Wampler Terry Mooney Gary Byrer Roy Dickerson
8:30 Reggie Regalado Marty Qualkenbush LJ Benjamin Max Haney
8:45 Dan Perry Adron Schultz Jeff Rhodes Jim Snyder

9:00 Jericho Warren Dan Monaco Tony Murrain
9:15 Tom Held Paul Wilson Kevin Dunkerly
9:30 Darren Stonehouse Ryan Asher Steve Nesbitt
9:45 Jim Hess Kenny Owens Adam Graber Dustin Smith
10:00 Tater Mosby Darin Lunsford Jerry Hendershot Bryan Surber
10:15 Willie Stevenson Donnie Sebanc Brian Brumfield Tony Chamberlain

10:30 Nick Poland Corey Combs JR Claycomb
10:45 Gary Edwards Bruce Deckard Rick Thompson
11:00 Donnie McCoy Sr Joe Gish Blake Potts Ricky Candler Jr
11:15 John Young Tyler Frizzi Rick Candler, Sr Ryan Brumback

12:30 Brett Voris Terry Hudson Blake Burkhart
12:45 Ryan Dunn Rick Earley Rocky Dreiman
1:00 Travis Malone JP Hobbs Juan Fuller Nick Claycomb
1:15 Rod Lafferty JR Lockhart Donnie McCoy Jr Trey Miller
1:30 Paul Bezy Mark Gray Max Nickless Dean Schlarb

1:45 Andy Stachura Cole Earley DJ Schmidt Bret Bean
2:00 Jeff Clark Cody Troutman Mark Jeffers Josh Primus
2:15 Trent Stone Keith Lickliter Larry Knight Grant Earley
2:30 JT Nickless Rick Leonard Jeff Hein Marv Graber

3:00 Tim Coffman Jacob Zwilling Bobby Hodges Chris Taylor
3:15 Kevin Johnson Robby Waggoner Mark Cummings Jace Moody
3:30 Jeremy Catt Blake Claycomb Jeremy Bloebaum Joe Lancaster
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The BCC will be CLOSED Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17 in order to host the 49th Annual Knox County Open. Following are the Saturday pairings and tee times.

8:30 N. Poland, R. Candler, Jr., D. Monaco, A. Graber
8:45 J. Snyder, J. Held, M.Haney, D. Hanger
9:00 G. Earley, T. Malone, M. Nickless, JT Nickless
9:15 J. Hein, L. Knight, J. Primus, C. Earhart
9:30 C. Combs, R. Dunn, D. Smith, T. Frizzi
9:40 R. Regalado, G. Byrer, P. Wilson
9:50 R. Leonard, B. Claycomb, JR Claycomb, M. Cummings
10:00 N. Claycomb, J. Lancaster, B. Potts, B. Heintz
10:10 R. Lafferty, J. Daniels, B. Hodges, W. Stevenson
10:30 J. Catt, B. Vories, J. Hendershot, K. Owens
10:45 A. Schultz, R. Candler, Sr., M. Qualkenbush
11:00 T. Mooney, LJ Benjamin, P. Bezy, B. Decker
11:15 J. Moody, T. Coffman, DJ Schmidt, B. Bean
11:30 K. Dunkerly, T. Held, J. Gish
11:45 D. Snellenberger, R. Dickerson, S. Nesbitt
12:45 R. Thompson, G. Edwards, JP Hobbs, D. Wampler
1:30 M. Jeffers, T. Miller, K. Johnson, M. Graber
1:45 B. Burkhart, C. Taylor, C. Earley
2:00 J. Fuller, R. Earley, M. Gray, J. Zwilling
2:15 D. Lunsford, C. Troutman, J. Clark, R. Loveless
2:30 J. Hess, T. Stone, T. Mosby, T. Chamberlain
2:45 T. Hudson, JR Lockhart, J. Bloebaum, A. Stachura
3:00 D. Schlarb, J. Rhodes, D. Perry
3:15 K. Lickliter, D. McCoy, Jr., J. Young
3:30 R. Brumback, D. McCoy, Sr., J. Burns, T. Murrain
3:45 D. Sebanc, D. Stonehouse, J. Warren, R. Asher

Good Luck to all of our players!!!
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Thanks to V. Max Nickless for all of his help. Especially his help getting ready for the Knox County Open. ... See MoreSee Less

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It's going to be a busy week here at the BCC. You have until Wednesday, July 13 to get signed up for the Knox County Open this weekend. We can take your information over the phone. To register, call 812-735-4518. All entrants must be paid before teeing off on Saturday. We hope to have Saturday tee times set by Friday morning. We will post tee times here on our Facebook page and on our website @ Your last chance to qualify for the Friday night KCO Shootout will be on Friday, July 15 @ 11:00 a.m. The Shootout will be @ 5:30 p.m.

The FOSA (Friends of Special Athletes) Outing will be held here at the BCC on Tuesday, July 12. The 9-Hole event will begin at 6:00 p.m. In order to prepare for the large crowd, the BCC will CLOSE @ 3:00 p.m. The course will be CLOSED the remainder of the evening.

The Front 9 will be CLOSED Friday, July 15 @ 5:00 p.m. in order to host the 2016 KCO Shootout.

The course will be CLOSED Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17 for the 49th Annual Knox County Open.
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